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Aaron's Arbor - A provider of Developmental Disabilities Services


Aaron’s Arbor was founded in 2021 to address a growing need for quality providers in the Southwest Ohio Region. This agency is determined to bring caring, loving, dependable, efficient, certified professionals to the clientele served. Aaron’s Arbor embraces the uniqueness of our clientele. We honor choice and promote community involvement. Our Team Members are committed to serving the community of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. He believes in the mission to support individuals in living their best possible life with supports, while still developing independence.   Aaron’s Arbor embraces and supports the bill of rights for individuals with disabilities.  We are committed to maintaining an agency that prioritizes the rights of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Aaron’s Arbor’s goal is to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the support they need so they can lead their best possible lifestyle according to their individual service plan, desires, and aspirations.

What’s in our “Aaron’s Arbor” name?

Aaron was the older brother of Moses and an obedient and faithful servant to God. Along with Moses, they were able to help their people reach the promised land - a land where they would be free. Aaron’s arbor exists to aid our clients during our time together and just as Aaron (and Moses) worked for a better place for the Israelites we strive for a better day for our clients. Our promise with Aaron’s Arbor is to serve our clients living with developmental disabilities by providing a true respite during our time together.

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