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Our Services

Certifications from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities:

  • Homemaker Personal Care (HPC) Services

  • Personal Services Transportation

  • Participant-Directed HPC

  • Residential Respite

  • Shared Living  

  • Supported Living

Aaron's Arbor

Aaron’s Arbor was founded in 2021 to address a growing need for quality providers across Ohio. This agency is determined to bring caring, loving, dependable, efficient, certified professionals to the clientele served. Aaron’s Arbor embraces the uniqueness of our clientele. We honor choice and promote community involvement. Our Team Members are committed to serving the community of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. He believes in the mission to support individuals in living their best possible life with supports, while still developing independence.   Aaron’s Arbor embraces and supports the bill of rights for individuals with disabilities.  We are committed to maintaining an agency that prioritizes the rights of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Aaron’s Arbor’s goal is to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the support they need so they can lead their best possible lifestyle according to their individual service plan, desires, and aspirations.

What’s in our “Aaron’s Arbor” name?

Aaron was the older brother of Moses and an obedient and faithful servant to God. Along with Moses, they were able to help their people reach the promised land - a land where they would be free. Aaron’s arbor exists to aid our clients during our time together and just as Aaron (and Moses) worked for a better place for the Israelites we strive for a better day for our clients. Our promise with Aaron’s Arbor is to serve our clients living with developmental disabilities by providing a true respite during our time together.

Aaron's Arbor Services

Homemaker/Personal Care, often called HPC, supports a person to be more independent while meeting their daily living needs. Direct service providers help people with household chores and personal care, including things like:

  • Getting dressed and keeping clean,  making food

  • Managing money to pay household bills

  • Cleaning and doing laundry

  • Getting out and being a part of the community

  • Helping people to get to medical and dental appointments or other health care services


HPC also includes support that improves a person’s ability to express their opinions and choices.

Providing In-Home Care & Support for Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities in Ohio


Aaron’s Arbor offers a unique combination of premier home health care and community-based services to in Ohio. We believe that by employing competent and well-educated staff and providing them with organized and responsive management, we can become the DODD provider of choice. Aaron’s Arbor is designed to deal specifically with the needs of the elderly and developmentally disabled individuals who wish to remain in their homes. Our compassionate Direct Support Professionals (DSP) who provide clients with the best quality of care are what make us different. Every employee has been screened for credentials, criminal background checked, and properly trained to meet DODD standards. We are committed to integrity.  We hope you select our agency as your provider of community-based services.

Ohio Shared Living

Ohio Shared Living is often called OSL for short. It provides an option for someone with a developmental disability to get the support they need while living with a paid caregiver. Caregivers make long-term commitments to sharing a home, helping with daily routines, and inviting someone with a developmental disability to be part of their family, resulting in lifelong relationships. OSL caregivers support people with developmental disabilities in a home setting, either the home of the live-in caregiver or the home of the person accessing services.

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